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Re: the future is wild, review

>>My major problem with the program was its pretense of being based on
"scientific" extrapolations of the "laws of evolution." The honest 
would have been to bill it plainly as "fantasy," meant for entertainment
purposes only.

Right.  The TV show tried to straddle the line between fantasy and 
speculation and failed miserably.  It would have been much more 
interesting had they (a) Dumped all that stuff about a space probe and 
had a discussion with the scientists about what they thought would 
happen in Xmillion years, and then used the animations as illustrations 
of these ideas (think the Walking with Dinosaurs 'making of" show) OR 
(b) given the show as a fantasy---say everything in the present tense 
('is' not 'might be') and make no mention of humans or anything else in 
the 21st century except in the introduction (think Dixon's _After 
Man_).  Either of these shows would have worked, but the compromise 
fell apart.

Now I'm going to shut up about this show, as it has nothing to do with 
dinosaurs, and I may invoke the wrath of the List gods.  (Oh forgiveth 
me, thy humble servant, for talking of that which is not Good and