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Re: Hell Creek and Sternberg

Jaime asks:
<< I am looking for photos of Charles H. Sternberg, such as a portrait, as
well as modern equivalents to what the Hell Creek looked like in the end
Cretaceous; both it and the Horseshoe Canyon formations were flood plains,
but if I recall, the Hell Creek was a tad drier, and I am looking for
small photographic examples of these environments. >>

For Sternberg pics check with Mike Everhart at Oceans of Kansas. He's Adjunct 
Curator at the Sternberg Museum. For Hell Creek and Horseshoe Canyon 
environments see Dale Russell's _A Vanished World: The Dinosaurs of Western 
Canada_1977. It has great landscape photos by Susanne Swibold. AOhelL isn't 
letting me on the internet today, so I can't say if the book is available at 
bibliofind or bookfinder.com