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Re: the future is wild, review

HP Rita Miller stated:
<Previous to that, we humans believed, and many still believe, 
that we "own"
this planet. It's that whole "Go forth and multiply and subdue 
the earth"

Expanding on a point made previously, we're part of the ecology 
too.  Any dominant species or group like dinos is going to make 
things difficult for other species, particularly competitors.
Some Victorians (among others) insisted that nature is trying 
to kill us, and often succeeds, so we'd better control it.
Nowadays we have a more sentimental feeling about nature (limited 
definition), in part because the non-human world has receded 
so far from our daily lives.  But we do want to feed our children 
and protect ourselves from threats, so nature is going to be 
rendered as productive and harmless as possible.
We're human. 

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