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Cryptovolans, Scanoriopteryx and Epidendrosaurus!

Hi folks,

I've returned from a lenghtly absence from the dml, well I'm back now and I'm beginning to get back into mode, and I read up a bit on Cryptovolans, Scansoriopteryx and Epidendrosaurus and I would like to know what are the masses and lenghts of these three genera? Thats all I want to know.....

Since Scansoriopteryx has been published in written format I wonder if theres a electronic version? If so I would really love for someone to send me a copy and since Epidendrosaurus has an electronic version I would also love a copy of that one also. As for Cryptovolans, when is that one going to be published? Or is already?

Thanks, and hope the new year brings promise to everyone,

Steven Coombs
Steven's Dinosaurs: http://stevensdinosaurs1.tripod.com

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