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Re: the future is wild, review

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> In a message dated 1/3/03 4:38:57 PM EST, blackholesnbones@sbcglobal.net
> writes:
> << There are species, however, that love mosquitos. Frogs, birds and many
> other
>  kinds of critters eat mosquitos. In fact, that's pretty much all they
>  These species are going extinct because we have killed off their food
>  source. The few that have evolved to eat other things because of OUR
>  efforts, have begun eating bees and other beneficial insects. >>
> I don't know of a single organism on earth whose diet consists exclusively
> mosquitos.

Certain fish, frogs and birds subsist PRIMARILY upon mosquitos. If I said
"exclusively," that's my mistake. Did I not say that some of these animals
are now evolving to eat other things like bees and other insects? They
probably couldn't do that and would die if their diets were exclusively

If we were to exterminate (in some environmentally friendly
> manner)

That's the point. Exterminating any species will effect others and what
seems to be environmentally friendly today proves to be highly destructive
tomorrow. DDT used to be considered safe for human and animal ecologies
(probably because it was cheap and readily available -- I note how often
"safe" substances are "safe" only to those people getting rich because of
them.) It is now known to be one of the most ecologically destructive
substances ever used.

all the earth's mosquitos, not a single other organism would be
> destroyed except for a number of disease protozoa that require mosquitos
> their life cycle. We would be well rid of mosquitos and the noxious germs
> they carry, and no harm done to any other species.

Now you are in the rhelm of speculation. The truth is, no such "safe" means
of mosquito eradication has ever been used. What is not speculation,
however, is that spreading oil on the water or spraying insecticides hither,
thither and yon is NOT the answer. I suspect that if we ever find the
answer, it will be one of those mosquito-eating species we have made extinct
via use of our poisons -- and then it will be too late.