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Tis Time to Get Medieval on Alan Feduccia

I don't want to be disrespectful to Feduccia... But... There is an article in 
Discover Magazine's February edition that can only be called a very, very sad 
day for him. He is so lost... It truly is amazing.

The article is entitled "Plucking Apart The Dino-Birds"......

When I read this thing, I can't help but wonder what in the world Feduccia is 
thinking, and why he voluntarily puts it in print.

There is supposed to be an extended version of the dialogue on 
www.discover.com, but it's not posted yet.

Sad... So very, very sad. If anyone ever wanted to see a guy dig his own 
grave... outside of Mob association that is... this is it folks. 

I won't spoil it. You need to read this thing for yourself. But just to let you 
know... Fossils with feathers are either forgeries or skin fibers with dates 
that are all wrong and with promoters who are all fools and liars.

Feduccia has gone outside of science now. It's the only way I can honestly put 
it... He is actually hurting the discipline... Saying things are fakes, yet not 
backing it up by demanding to see the fossils for himself... Not perform tests 
of his own... Doing his "I am The Teacher and this is what I think and so this 
is how it is" bit just doesn't work. And frankly, it shouldn't be tolerated by 
the establishment.

Doesn't it anger any of you see... in print... in a popular magazine on every 
magazine rack for all to read... allegations of how the paleontology that deals 
with dinosaur-bird origins isn't really science at all... It is nothing but an 
elaborate propaganda machine... a "money game" as Feduccia calls it... designed 
to keep the cash flowing in order to fill the pockets of museums since they 
have spent millions of dollars based off of of the work of those who have spent 
decades saying that birds are dinosaurs... Those same people who now have 
"careers at stake"??????? Think about what Feduccia is implying here.....

It bothers me.

Isn't it about time to end this once and for all??? Some of you with the 
connections should contact The Discovery Channel... Have them make a show... 
But this will be unlike any other show that has ever been done... Place 
Feduccia and what he calls "the army of people out there who do not buy into it 
[dinosaur-bird]. We are just not as vocal as the other side.", and allow for 
his army to remove their gags and speak. Let Feduccia make his bold claims... 
Let the General go into battle with his army... BUT!!!! On the other side of 
the table will be sitting our knights... Norell, Paul, Holtz, Currie, Chiappe, 
etc etc etc... No fancy effects... No animations... Just a simple, straight to 
the point, no nonsense debate. Evidence against evidence. Point against point. 
Claim against claim. Harcore science. Straight up shots of the finest paleo 
moonshine. No sissy wine coolers. To hell with Bartles and James. Let the 
public hear what this science is all about.

I think you get the idea.

In the words of Marcelous Wallace... It is time to get medieval on his a$$.