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From: <darren.naish@port.ac.uk>

> Chris Brochu
> might be pleased as _Sarcosuchus_ was described as 'not a
> crocodile, but a close relative' (viz, a crocodyliform and not
> a crocodylian). The _Sarcosuchus_ was pretty good but
> Marven's reckless behaviour seemed careless (he was
> virtually begging to be pulled screaming into a watery
> grave).

Well you should have seen what I talked them out of. My role here was
primarily assisting with the reconstruction so it looked as real as
possible, and advising on what kind of behaviour their presenter could get
away with without buying the farm (which he would have done according to
their first draft!). As I only saw the storyboard and have yet to see the
final version I'm not sure how closely they followed those suggestions. A
scientific advisor's job is not to stop the charging bull, but rather to
direct it in the right direction using a scarlet cape. Glad to hear you
liked the crocodyliform, though (which again I've not seen).

Adam Britton