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Re: Tis Time to Get Medieval on Alan Feduccia

Mickey Mortimer wrote: <<For this to work, BADDists would really have to 
pressure ABSRDists for concrete answers and reasons. And that would be 
difficult to justify, as scientists are allowed to study and believe what they 
want.  It would be akin to pressuring the ABSRDists to change, which goes 
against normal scientific principles of letting the evidence speak for itself. 
The problem of course, is that they are ignoring the evidence.>>

Tis Time to Get Medieval on Alan Feduccia.

Ignoring the evidence... I'm sorry, but Feduccia does need to be pressured for 
concrete answers and reasons... and in front of the entire world... especially 
since he enjoys going to the popular press with this rubbish. You have to like 
how he accuses everyone else of doing just that in the article... What a hoot. 
The thing is... Tonight, I have already been harassed by a couple of yahoos 
about Feduccia's article. Saying this junk in a scientific setting, journal, 
forum, or otherwise... is one thing... That's where criticism carries its 
weight. That's where science progresses. That's where the tools can be applied 
to get the job done. As Mickey said, the wheels turn slowly, but they are still 
grinding away. Saying garbage in the popular media is something completely 
different. That calls for a scientific crucifixion folks.

Dino Guy Ralph is right. Just talking heads wouldn't work. That's only for PBS 
right? You do need visuals on The Discovery Channel. Seeing is believing. It's 
just too bad that the science can often be buried deep underneath the visual 
spectacle. That's my only concern and why I put forth my idea for a good chess 
game. For you Harry Potter fans, think Wizard's Chess.....

As for the general public not understanding the issues... Of course that's 
true. But ya know what? In stead of putting together something even remotely 
close to what I had mentioned... Something that would lead to at least some 
understanding... we get to watch "The Future Is Wild"...

I rest my case.