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Re: Sauropods and Endothermy

> http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/291/5505/783a

Very interesting papers. Maybe the heart decayed pretty completely, and this 
initiated siderite deposition, so structures are not preserved, but it is in 
the place of a heart nevertheless? (Just about the most dissatisfying 
solution. :-) )

> [...] the single, oval foramen of
> Panizzae of extant crocodilians, which affords a pulmonary shunt during
> prolonged periods underwater. There are no atria, coronary arteries,
> cardiac veins, pulmonary vessels, or vena cavae."

Ouch. The man (obviously of Italian origin; in Italian there is no ae) is 
Panizza, _foramen Panizzae_ is artificial Latin where you need the genitive. 
Venae cavae are the hollow feminine veins. Peer review?