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Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

Last year we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -
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The headlines:

**  Low water reveals dinosaur tracks
Then he and Headlee continued to look for tracks and came upon 79 full and
partial prints of the Iguanodon dinosaur, as well as numerous tail drags

**  Exhibit shows winter visitors of Ice Age
The museum recently developed an exhibit featuring Florida's not-so-icy
place in the Ice Age with life-size, robotic re-creations of giant sloths,
cats, glyptodonts and other prehistoric species

**  Feature Site: Triceratops (or something like it)
Don Brinkman, Tyrrell scientist and Field Experience coordinator, describes
the significance of the skull found near Dry Island Buffalo Jump in central

**  2002 Progress Report
Palaeontologists made an array of discoveries about dinosaurs and other
ancient creatures


**  Prehistoric turtle find leaves experts shell-shocked
One windy spring day in 2001, Joshua Slattery searched for a dinosaur bone
along an isolated expanse of badlands near Rock River

**  Sculpture is now underway
The sculpture of Hadrosaurus foulkii, South Jersey and Haddonfield's famous
dinosaur, is now underway along with the fund-raising efforts that are
required for this work of art

**  Digital beasts roar to life
Bringing to life creatures which roamed the Earth around 50 million years
ago posed new problems for computer animators

**  Giant sea fossil unearthed
The fossilised bones have been identified as those of Liopleurodon ferox, a
fierce predator that ruled the oceans about 150 million years ago

**  Backyard Palaeontology
For the scientists and curators at the Texas Memorial Museum these specimens
are treasures because they provide valuable clues about the natural world.
See also the Great Texas Pterosaur

**  New Picture of Dinosaurs Is Emerging
Fossil finds and improvements in technology over the last decade have
spurred stunning advances in the field, and there is no reason to think that
the pace will slow anytime soon

**  200,000-year-old tapir fossil found in SW China
According to Cai, a farmer of the Xinba Village of Qingzhen City, stumbled
upon the fossil while hoeing his own soil

**  The DinoDragon 2 Project (of the RockHounds Association of ROC) will
host a dino trip to LuFong, YunNan, PRC in January 19 - 26, 2003.

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