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Re: The Monster of Aramberri!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god... Now I know Liopleurodon (or whatever this pliosaur will turn out to be) was:

1) A pelycosaur synapsid
2) Had a sail on its back
3) Lived in the Early Permian ;)

It's sad to see how the media often provides misinformation on prehistoric animals. This particular one takes the cake: Showing the head of a Dimetrodon superimposed over an ocean scene. Sigh...

This just reminds me how one article I recalled several years back showed a pterosaur & called it a "dinosaur"

Or how a report in my local newspaper on the discovery of culture in orangutans made this statement:

"Scientists say that the new work suggests that the TWO remaining great ape species, gorillas & BABOONS, are likely to have culture as well..."

Hmm... Last time I checked, there were 7 species of so-called "great ape", 2 sp of orang-utans, 2 sp of gorillas, the bonobo, the chimpanzee, & the human...


Oh yes, Dinosaurs :)

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