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RE: Tis Time to Get Medieval on Alan Feduccia

What about the people who say that because a phylogeny has been determined
using cladistics that it must be true?

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It is sad when such so-called "science" distracts attention from other
projects & studies more deserving of print space.

To me, those who are against dinosaurs being birds can be ranked with the

1) People who believed that the NASA moon landing was a hoax
2) Those who believe Archaeopteryx was a hoax
3) Those who laughed at the principle of plate tectonics
4) The people who tortured Copernicus & Galileo for their "blasphemous"
ideas (my history's a little rusty)
5) The countless people (mostly people from church) who mangle the theory of
evolution so horribly that the masses are brainwashed (the last time I heard
it mentioned, I had to blank out to prevent an outburst of indignation from
6) The innumerable people who told me, "I thought dinosaurs didn't exist!!"
(It's true, it's happened many times)
7) The poor fool on Yahoo! who argued with me that dinosaurs evolved into
giant squid (!) and when I stated that some dinosaurs had feathery
integument, he retorted back, "Everyone knows that dinosaurs didn't have
feathers; The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park didn't have feathers! You don't
know s**t from shoepolish what you're talking about."
7) And perhaps the most laughable of all, the "flat-earth believers"

It's sad to see that despite having come so far, certain individuals of our
species have the intelligence of a mitochondrion.

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