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Re: (humor) Local News Story on Matthew Carrano

After quoting from a news article:
> On May 1, Carrano will become curator of the Smithsonian Institution's
> world-renowned dinosaur collection at the National Museum of 
Natural History
> in Washington. It's the brontosaurus of paleontology jobs.
Zenlizard said:
It's the job that was mistaken for a previously known and described 

Nope, must mean it's the second best known and loved job in paleo. 

Anybody know what the Tyrannosaurus Rex of paleo jobs is?  
I don't mean to imply the incumbent is not agile;
(quoting from the story:  <...there is more to dinosaurs than 
"Jurassic Park,"   which mistakenly portrayed the Tyrannosaurus 
Rex as agile.>)
he or she is probably at least as spry as the rest of us.

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