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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #197

> The second appears at a website
> http://www.dvuch.febras.ru/article.php?n=16

Meanwhile http://www.dvuch.febras.ru/article.php?n=186.

> The name unveiled in the article is Olorotitan archarensis
> Bolotsky & Godefroit. It is a hadrosaur

At last I've found the place in the text where it actually says that 
("duck-nosed reptile"). Phew :-)

> about 12 meters long

It only says that "duck-nosed reptiles sometimes reached a length of 12 m", 
nothing about *O.* in particular, even though *O.* is known from "a skeleton".

> The tyrannosaurid is an unnamed form smaller than Tarbosaurus
> but bigger than Maleevosaurus.

The lengths of which are given as 10 and 6 m, respectively.

Fragments of ankylosaurs are also present. -- The article ends with the 
lamentation that there is no place for all the fossils that keep being found. 
There once were plans for a museum (in "pre-crisis times"), but that was it.