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More on Nigel Marven -and- Erratum

For anyone who's interested in Nigel Marven (the _WWD_ Christmas
special presenter with no sense of danger :-) there's a reasonably
representative overview of the sort of stuff he does at

Sample quotes: ``Watch Nigel ... single-handedly rescue a 12-foot
alligator from a suburban swimming pool by jumping in and pulling it
out with his bare hands'', ``... comes within 20 feet of two adult
[Siberian tigers] on a kill'', and of course ``Nigel leaves the
security of a safety cage to swim free with a great white.''


One thing he _hasn't_ done, though -- despite what I said last time
out -- is "fighting a kicking cassowary defended only by a wooden
shield".  Darren Naish has pointed out off-list that this was Steve
Leonard.  My mistake: got my Suicidally Insane Wildlife Presenters all
mixed up.  Thanks, Darren.

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