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re: The amazing 'Dark-Wing' Rhamphorhynchus

Now that this specimen is published, I'll put an image of this amazing
Rhamph. up on Jim's website (if this okay with Jim and the owner of the

Please note that the elbow and knee are millimeters apart from each
other making it difficult to say that _anything_ was _stretched_ between
the fore and hind limbs. Also note that the trailing edge of the
brachiopatagium runs directly to the elbow, if not beneath it slightly.

I look forward to the author's explaining the differences between
ptero-goo associated with liquifying hind limb muscles and purported
tenopatagial materials.

D. Unwin wrote:
 >> A uropatagium is also preserved, but seems to be narrower than, for
example, in Sordes. <<

How can it be narrower if in Sordes a single uropatagium _stretched_
from leg to leg?

Perhaps if the uropatagia were individualized to each leg, as in
Sharovipteryx and other pterosaurs shown on Jim Cunningham's website,
then they might be narrower. Perhaps the same situation (two uropatagia)
is present in Sordes, only deeper and overlapping?

David Peters
St. Louis