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Re: The amazing 'Dark-Wing' Rhamphorhynchus

It's OK by me, if OK by Dino and his co-author.  I've been wanting to
see a good photo of it anyway.  As an aside, a recent e-mail to Dave
Unwin bounced.  Do any of you folks have an alternate e-mail address for

David Peters wrote:
> Now that this specimen is published, I'll put an image of this amazing
> Rhamph. up on Jim's website (if this okay with Jim and the owner of the
> picture).
> Please note that the elbow and knee are millimeters apart from each
> other making it difficult to say that _anything_ was _stretched_ between
> the fore and hind limbs. Also note that the trailing edge of the
> brachiopatagium runs directly to the elbow, if not beneath it slightly.
> I look forward to the author's explaining the differences between
> ptero-goo associated with liquifying hind limb muscles and purported
> tenopatagial materials.
> D. Unwin wrote:
>  >> A uropatagium is also preserved, but seems to be narrower than, for
> example, in Sordes. <<
> How can it be narrower if in Sordes a single uropatagium _stretched_
> from leg to leg?
> Perhaps if the uropatagia were individualized to each leg, as in
> Sharovipteryx and other pterosaurs shown on Jim Cunningham's website,
> then they might be narrower. Perhaps the same situation (two uropatagia)
> is present in Sordes, only deeper and overlapping?
> David Peters
> St. Louis