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Re: "DIG A DINO" in Brussels, Belgium

Quoting "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com>:

>   I was just trying to make up a name that has been published but not
> described, and is taken as a profered name. It's a nomen nudum, of course,
> but you can describe that as well, as still be a nomen nudum. "Rinchenia"
> is a nomen nudum for a described species, but the new hadrosaur is neither
> described nor properly named, so I give it double black marks; "Rinchenia"
> only gets one black mark.
>   Maybe "nomen non descriptio" would be better....

I think "nomen indescriptum" might be what you are looking for.  "Nomen non 
descriptum" or "nomen sine descriptione" might work, too.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan