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For wildlife-art lovers

Hi everyone.

I personally think the "interactive narrator" premise presented in the two
new dinosaur documentaries on the BBC is depressing.

Why they had to make documentaries of two, absolutely amazing faunal
assemblages, and put Nigel Marven [the host of discovery channel's
wacky-evening-animal-hour] in the mix with these amazing beasts is beyond

But, if the BBC really needed a narrator for the program, they could have
signed up a animal-enthusiasts like Jeff Corwin, Brady Barr, or my all-time
favourite, David Attenborough, to host the programs.
At the least, a host who would actually take the animals seriously.

Although, I can't really complain since they didn't get Steve Irwin[uhhhh]
to be the host;

"Criky! That dinosaur sure is big! Now I'm going to stick my finger in

Uh.. maybe we shouldn't go into that.

Moving away from my infernal insanities.

Talented, and evidently quite famous, wildlife-artist Robert Bateman has
recently published an interesting fully illustrated "guide" to birds that is
singularly called _Birds_.

And since I have purchased this book [for a non-dinosaurian artist friend of
mine] I can tell you guys that this book has some of the most breathtaking
avian-oriented-paintings[?] that I have ever witnessed.

But for your own warning, the book is really more of a portfolio than an
actual guide, as the bird-illo's [which are on most of the pages in the book
and are of birds from varying portions of the world] are in no actual order
or stage.

My opinion is that the composition and skill taken upon the paintings is
worth the books median list-price.

That's all for now.

Best wishes,


                                                      "Stupid, like a
fox!" -Homer S.