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Re: For wildlife-art lovers

> Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 00:36:00 -0800
> From: "Mark Foster" <megavenator1985@msn.com>
> I personally think the "interactive narrator" premise presented in
> the two new dinosaur documentaries on the BBC is depressing.
> Why they had to make documentaries of two, absolutely amazing faunal
> assemblages, and put Nigel Marven [the host of discovery channel's
> wacky-evening-animal-hour] in the mix with these amazing beasts is
> beyond me.

Ah well -- to each his own.
> But, if the BBC really needed a narrator for the program, they could
> have signed up a animal-enthusiasts like Jeff Corwin, Brady Barr, or
> my all-time favourite, David Attenborough, to host the programs.  At
> the least, a host who would actually take the animals seriously.

I believe (no references, though) that the BBC invited Attenborough to
narrate the original _WWD_ series, but he turned it down because it
was insufficiently scientific, and too much sci-fi.  So I can hardly
see him having taken on the new, right-there-with-the-animals version.

Shame.  While I loved Marven's handling of the specials, the original
_WWD_s would have been a whole level better than it was had it been
blessed with Attenborough's quietly authoritative narration rather
than Brannagh's stupidly over-the-top proclamation, in which
absolutely everything that ever happened was turned into a drama
worthy of Shakespeare.  Awful.  Nearly as bad as the "Anatatatotitan"
guy who narrated _WDRA_  :-)

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