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RE: For wildlife-art lovers

I don't know the facts, but had assumed David Attenborough had turned
the job down.  It would have been inconceivable for the BBC not to have
invited Attenborough to do the series given its and his profile.  I do
know he turned down the job of leading the entire corporation so that he
could do wildlife programmes, and most of what we see as natural history
TV is based on his work.  In addition, he continues to host all the
really serious natural history programmes on the BBC, so I can't see how
they'd have gone with someone else by choice.

Christian Darkin

>> But, if the BBC really needed a narrator for the program, they could
>> have signed up a animal-enthusiasts like Jeff Corwin, Brady Barr, or
>> my all-time favourite, David Attenborough, to host the programs.  At
>> the least, a host who would actually take the animals seriously.

>I believe (no references, though) that the BBC invited Attenborough to
>narrate the original _WWD_ series, but he turned it down because it
>was insufficiently scientific, and too much sci-fi.  So I can hardly
>see him having taken on the new, right-there-with-the-animals version.