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Re: Dark-wing Rhamphorhynchus

HP Unwin commented:
What I meant was more deeply incised along the sagittal plane, than in
Sordes, where it is hardly incised at all - but before this becomes a
very tedious discussion of what I said to him, or she said to me (another
of my favourite Laurel and Hardy sketches) might I suggest that those
interested in this topic obtain and read the Tischlinger and Frey paper
for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

May I commend to your attention a Laurel & Hardy sketch which nicely
portrays the gavotte over the issuance of papers.  In narrative form:

Mr. and Mrs. Laurel have arrived at the apartment door of Mr. and Mrs.
Hardy.  Mr. Laurel knocks.  Mr. and Mrs. Hardy stand on the other side of
the door looking at each other aghast at the thought of an evening with the
Laurels.  Mr. Laurel prepares a note and slides it partly under the door.
Unthinking, Mr. Hardy pulls it into the apartment and begins to read it.
Mr. Laurel looks disconcerted at the sudden movement of the note and leans
down to observe more closely the now empty space where the note had been.
Mr. Hardy realizes his error and prepares to rectify it.  Mr. Laurel bends
over, only to find the note flying from under the door and into his face.
The Hardies realize that the game has been given away, and open the door for
the Laurels, with laughter and expressions of welcome.  Judging by the
devastation that follows, the Hardies' reluctance seems supportable.

If only Mr. Hardy had been more willing to wait for the paper...