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Re: Keratinous skulls

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:
> An interesting hypothesis, and one which at first glance is difficult to
> reject.  What would be most informative is knowledge from modern dissections
> and the like to establish if the blood vessel pattern is indeed only
> associated with keratin, or if it might underly other integumentary tissues.

Perhaps the blood vessels supplied the tissue surrounding the frill, and
were used to "blush" the frill to make it a more potent signalling
device. Sort of like the WWD stegosaur plates (except that causing
plates to blush would require a thin layer of tissue over them, which
would be a waste of sharp defensive bits if you ask me).

Now if only we had a way of falsifying or vindicating a "perhaps"
scenario, we'd solve all of our dinosaurian problems overnight. That'd
show that boring old "scientific method", with its "evidence" and


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