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Dark-wing Rhamphorhynchus

Dr. Unwin wrote:

>>when I last saw it the specimen M1323 of Zhejiangopterus was
completely bereft of any kind of evidence for soft tissues (perhaps not
unrelated to the highly irregular and rather chiselled surface of the
boulders that bore various bits of the skeleton), but according to the
interpretation by Peters, hosted on Jim Cunninghams website, it now
sports a full set of wing membranes - truly incredible. <<

And the list of pterosaur "bits and pieces" missed by Dr. Unwin grows
like George's Dinosaur Genera List. I'll seek Cai and Wei's permission
to post a photograph of Z. next to the drawing so you can see what you
missed of the membranes on the chiseled surface. You should also look
for a rather long tail and, believe it or not, teeth. They're tiny, but
I'll show where to look in private correspondence, if interested.

On the same subject, there appears to be a purported ctenochasmatid
rostrum with extremely short teeth from the Solnhofen area. Anyone know
anything about this specimen? You can find it on the web at Juergen
Harf's site:


If there's one thing that comes of this discussion, in all humility, I
would hope that from now on Dr. Unwin and others working with pterosaurs
will use the camera, computer, mouse and pen to make their own drawings
from which to make conclusions, rather than using published work and
illustrations "kindly provided" by original authors or lifted from
published sources. I was warned about this years ago, but it never hit
home like it has this year.

As always, I'd rather cooperate than fight, but after publication the
gloves come off!

More later,

David Peters
St. Louis