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Sauropod experts

     I am currently interested in challenging the idea that the forward 
extention of the cervical rib IS NOT a valid way of differenciating 
_Apatosaurus ajax_ and _A. excelsus_ from _A. louisae_. Though now I need help. 
I am interested in finding out as much as I can about any _Apatosaurus_ 
material (primarily _A. excelsus_ though). Also I wish to run my idea past 
paleontologists to see if my thinking is correct.

    Though I know of hardly any paleontologists (well a few from helpful 
members of the Gondolend message board) though J. Mallon recommended that I ask 
the DML. So, I need help. Who would be the best people to contact on this 

Names are respective universities is what I ask. However if you know the 
address of which to write to contact them, that would be GREATLY appreciated.

                                              M. Lima