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"Dinos in the Deep" part 2

Hi again,

Sorry about that. (Heavy sigh) I knew I'd get something wrong in my previous message! He didn't publish in the latest APS journal, it was in Canadian Palaeobiology #7. With all the different projects he's been working on, I get a bit confused about what is published where. : )

Darren would also like to let everyone know that the site will be updated from time to time and to please let everyone know about it!

Also, for anyone who didn't all ready know - Darren and Dr. Bruce Rothschild's "Dinosores: An Annotated Bibliography of Dinosaur Paleopathology and Related Topics - 1838-2001" has been published by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (Bulletin 20). And I'd like to add, it is a lovely shade of pink! ;)


Patty Ralrick

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