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"Dinosaurs in the Deep"

Hi all,

Darren Tanke asked me to send a message letting everyone know that the website regarding his latest project is up and running. Darren has been working on the story of the "SS Mount Temple" and how during WWI it was sunk by a German raider while en route to the British Museum with some of Sternberg's dinos on board. Here's the link -


Darren has recently published a portion of his findings in the Alberta Paleontological Society's most current journal and will be giving the Keynote address at their annual meeting in Calgary in March. He is currently working on a book (and more!) of this research.

Please join us at the website and feel free to contact him using the links provided. Thanks to the help of PJ Enright and Tracy Ford for making this site possible.

Have fun!

Patty Ralrick

PS - Any errors in this email are purely mine.

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