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Re: Archaeopteryx, bats, trochilid theropods

HP Pickering wrote:
I am, according to the Goddess who created Isis, and feathers, allowed at
least one sin during these opening days of the 21 century. One...and

If you mean Nut, not so much creator as mother of Isis.  And if you're
taking the epagomenal days for your dispensation, you had only five of them,
so you'll have to start being careful, at least until next year.

The goddess symbolized by an ostrich  feather was Ma'at, truth and right
order.  She was a daughter of Re, arising at the creation of the regular
world from Null (the formless ocean of possibility), and without her chaos
would predominate.  So making these nit-picky corrections seems appropriate.

I'd nominate Egyptian mythology as the most psychologically astute.  Freud
could have saved himself a lot of time if he'd read about Isis and Osiris
instead of Shakespeare...
Better unsaddle this horse, and let him go out to pasture about now.