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Re: Archaeopteryx, bats, trochilid theropods...and Buffetaut's pterosaurs

To She/They who are obeyed: Nut, Isis, Ma'at...in this
pantheon one will not find Freud, H.F. Osborn, or
other fiction writers.
On a more ?serious note: has anyone data on the
forthcoming Eric Buffetaut monograph on pterosaurs?
--- Philidor <philidor11@snet.net> wrote:
> HP Pickering wrote:
> I am, according to the Goddess who created Isis, and
> feathers, allowed at
> least one sin during these opening days of the 21
> century. One...and
> counting.
> If you mean Nut, not so much creator as mother of
> Isis.  And if you're
> taking the epagomenal days for your dispensation,
> you had only five of them,
> so you'll have to start being careful, at least
> until next year.
> http://www.touregypt.net/NUT.HTM
> The goddess symbolized by an ostrich  feather was
> Ma'at, truth and right
> order.  She was a daughter of Re, arising at the
> creation of the regular
> world from Null (the formless ocean of possibility),
> and without her chaos
> would predominate.  So making these nit-picky
> corrections seems appropriate.
> I'd nominate Egyptian mythology as the most
> psychologically astute.  Freud
> could have saved himself a lot of time if he'd read
> about Isis and Osiris
> instead of Shakespeare...
> Better unsaddle this horse, and let him go out to
> pasture about now.

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