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Belated introduction

Hi all

           I'd like to take this oportunity to introduce myself .

  My name is Luke Berard , I currently live in Sydney, Australia with my wife Lisa, my dog Ra, and a very eccentric cockateil named Reggie. I am currently driving a business in design and construction of home renovations.

  I have been in love with Dinosaurs since a young kid, and have attempted to draw them since my late teens but unfortunately have not had the time and/or drive untill recently to get into the science of the category.

 My thirst for knowledge on dinosaurs has become quite unquenchable so if any of you know of  any sites that can can get me from poop-head to paeleontologist in six easy steps I would be most obliged

 so little time, so many questions

Once again hello to all

Regards LMD.


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