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Re: Archaeopteryx paper in Naturwissenschaften online

The first two definitions are both correct. Phugoid refers to the
long-period pitch oscillation rather than the short-period one.  I
haven't read the paper yet, so can't comment on it. If it is as you
describe below, it would be quite inefficient.  Don't know why archie
would bother to do it, since his wing doesn't appear to be structured
for gliding anyway.  I may say more after reading the paper.

Allan Edels wrote:
> I found this info about "phugoid":
> Jane's Aerospace Dictionary defines phugoid as a 'long-period
> oscillation of an aeroplane about the pitch axis.'
> The Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms, USA, defines phugoid as 'Hunting
> about level attitude and trimmed speed in low-amplitude climbs and
> dives.'
> It seems to mean (in this case) a glide that involves a dip from the
> starting point, using the energy from gravity to swing back up to the
> end point.