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Re: Belated introduction

FOR STARTERS: I would recommend you obtain: 1) the
CURRIE/PADIAN Encyclopedia of dinosaurs; 2) Gregory
Paul's Dinosaurs of the Air; 3) J.O. Farlow/M.K.
Brett-Surman, The complete dinosaur; 4) a subscription
to Mike Fredericks's always high-quality Prehistoric
Times; 5)a subscription to DINOSAUR WORLD; 6) Donald
Glut's publications (regardless of mistakes, here and
there)are excellent reference sources; 7) Jacques
Gauthier/L.F. Gall, New perspectives on the origin &
early evolution of birds (Yale University 2001). All
seven of these sources will lead you to other sources.
>From there, I would urge you to obtain a copy of the
reprint edition of Charles R. Knight's Life Through
the Ages for some fun looking back. Gregory Paul's
1988 Predatory dinosaurs of the world, although almost
20 years out-of-date, is still a useful overview. Bill
Stout's book on dinosaurs is a treat. If you can track
down a copy, I would recommend Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur
Tales (with the Bill Stout cover) for mental
relaxation. Kenneth Carpenter's Mesozoic
VertebrateLife and his compendium on armoured
dinosaurs are, as well, provocative and interesting
(the ornithischians do not receive as much attention
as they should).
An overview of dinosaur science is to be found at
<www.dinodata.net> where one can find much up-to-date
bibliographical cross-references on various taxa. I
cannot but also highly recommend Tracy Ford's
brilliant website <dinohunter.info>, where he has so
much to offer (links to various dinosaur sites, etc.).
And, finally, for variable perspectives, I would steer
you to <www.crichton-official.com> and to
<www.wku.edu/~smithch/index1.htm> (the former for
dinosaur visions, the latter for Alfred Russel
Wallace, who was Conan Doyle's mentor for so many
The DML regularly publishes notices from George
Olshevsky, who has published many concise publications
of dinosaur taxonomy which remain unsurpassed in
thoroughness and dedication. "dinogeorge" is to be
I hope this is useful. When I first began studying
dinosaurs in 1954, there was nothing...a few Sinclair
dinosaur figures, some plastic toys...but nothing like
now. It wasn't until Jacques Gauthier published his
1984 dissertation on archosaurs that phylogenetic
systematics of dinosaurs began to mature (a few years
earlier the seeds, as it were, had been planted by
John Ostrom's papers on Archaeopteryx and
Deinonychus). And, of course, 1990 was the year
Michael Crichton created a panoramic tale (even with
its mistakes) that, somehow, captured the souls of so
many; it remains (I don't care what detractors state)
a beautiful link to many different (bio)ontological
perspectives. I do not recommend the 1993 Kiddie film
(except for about 15 minutes of dinosaur sequences and
some of John Williams's score), it being a tragedy Mr
Crichton's 1991 script was never filmed, nor do the
2nd and 3rd films possess any dignity. Walking with
Dinosaurs: so much has been said, both positive and
negative, but is remains an excellent visual survey.
And, lastly, the Czerkas film of 2 decades ago, Planet
of Dinosaurs, has some interesting sequences.
If you want a glimpse of pre-history, then reach back
to 1912, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

--- luke ber <lmdart@msn.com> wrote:

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
<P>Hi all</P>
I'd like to take this oportunity to introduce myself
<P>&nbsp; My name is Luke Berard , I currently live in
Sydney, Australia with my wife Lisa, my dog Ra, and a
very eccentric cockateil named Reggie.&nbsp;I am
currently driving a business in design and
construction of home renovations.</P>
<P>&nbsp; I have been in love with Dinosaurs since a
young kid, and have attempted to draw them since my
late teens but unfortunately have not had the time
and/or drive untill recently to get into the science
of the category. </P>
<P>&nbsp;My thirst for knowledge on dinosaurs has
become quite unquenchable so if any of you know
of&nbsp; any sites that can can get me from poop-head
to paeleontologist in six easy steps I would be most
<P>&nbsp;so little time, so many questions</P>
<P>Once again hello to all<BR><BR>Regards LMD. </P>
<DIV>&nbsp;</DIV></DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>Help
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