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Re: Reichel 1935

David Peters says:

<< Dan Varner was kind enough to send me a collection of Manfred Reichel'
pterosaur drawings from 1935. Thank you, Dan. >>

You're welcome.

<< It's nice to know that the "narrow-chord wing attached to the anterior
thigh" design was adopted by yet another artist. >>

       I think saying "adopted" is incorrect. I believe that the remarkable 
thing about Reichel's studies was his attempt to try every variation and 
configuration of wing design he deemed possible. In some studies the wing is 
indeed attached to the anterior thigh, however in others it's the knee and 
yet in others (as in his magnificent Pteranodon) the ankle. He was searching 
for an answer (without preconceptions) and I would hesitate to say that he 
had reached any conclusion on the matter, to be honest. DV