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Buffetaut's pterosaur volume

Buffetaut's Pterosaur Volume.

Eric Buffetaut plans to publish contributions to the meeting '200 Years 
of Pterosaurs' held in Toulouse in September 2001 in a special volume of 
the Geological Society, London. When I last spoke to Buffetaut in 
November 2002 he said that he had now received all the final versions of 
papers, but that there would be some delay (with the Geol. Soc.) in the 
preparation of proofs. I have not yet received proofs so while its still 
possible that the volume will come out in 2003 an early 2004 date is 
beginning to look likely. Have no idea what the final cost is likely to 
be although the Geol. Soc website might give some ideas. If I get any 
more details I'll pass em on.  




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