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Re: Regarding Hou's Mesozoic Birds of China

Mickey Mortimer wrote-
Hou does describe "Cathayornis" caudatus as lacking a pygostyle, and while I don't normally like to doubt descriptions of specimens
without additional evidence, only Hou has described Mesozoic pygostylians without pygostyles (also some Confuciusornis, Longchengornis). Hou also doesn't have the best
record for accurate interpretations. I would say it was a juvenile
character, if not for Liaoxiornis. Like most aspects of Hou's (1997) taxa,

Perhaps someone should get a hold on the original description or photographs of C. caudatus? Image searches on Google bring up nothing relevant. And where were you going with... "Like most aspects of Hou's (1997) taxa,"?

Thanks for the response,

Nick Gardner

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