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"Hypsilophodontidae" et al

Hi all!

First of all, best wishes to everyone! Maybe a little late, but it's still
not 2004, so it must be OK ;)

But I have some questions dealing with this doubtfully valid family
(following Naish & Martill) and I wondered if someone could, please, please,
please help me...

They are the following:

1) "The Dinosauria" listed for the genus *Drinker nisti* the following
partial reference with their table of the known genera at that time: Bakker,
Galton, Siegwarth, et Filla, 1990. Thinking this genus is interesting, I
tried looking it up in the references section of the book, but no such
luck... They didn't listed it at all! So could someone please list the
complete reference for this genus so that I can look it up at the library?

2)  Naish & Martill thought that the Hypsies and their relatives do not
really constitute a single family, instead, they thought it was more
paraphyletic, with some genera more closely related to Lesothosaurus, while
others more closely to the iguanodontids. Is this correct?

3) Have there been any recent publications dealing with phylogeny of these

4) At the moment there is a reconstruction in progress for Leaellynasaura
and this sparked an interest in the gracile Ornithopods. After looking up
references, except for the *Drinker* one, in the above mentioned library for
additional genera, there were quite frankly not results. The genera I was
looking for include: *Orodromeus*, *Zephyrosaurus* and *Othnielia*. After a
websearch, all that turned up for these three genera are some eggs for the
first, a partial postcranial skeleton for the second and a reconstructed
skeleton for the last from dorsolateral view. But can someone please,
please, please send me some material from these genera, all is welcome!

And now for a non-Hypsie related question:

Is HP Lewis LaRosa still on this list? I had some very interesting
paleoart-related discussions with him before my exams and due to them, there
was no time to get his message replied on time and the e-mail adress I have
does not work anymore (the dinolew one)... Again thanks!

Thanks in advance!

All the best,

Rutger Jansma