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Giovanni Caselli art

Giovanni dipped into dinosaur illustration in the mid seventies with his excellent images for "The Evolution and Ecology of the Dinosaurs". The drawings don't always conform to todays (seeming) obsession with anatomical detail and accuracy, (not that I'm wholly against this!) and he has a very recognisable painterly style that holds weight. I particularly love the way he will subtly make one creature transparent to reveal the bones underneath, or superimpose, say a Camarasaurus over a Brachiosaurus to get a size comparissson without losing any of the detail where they overlap; in a way that could easily be done by computer these days. Sure these were meant for a younger audience, but I still find them informative and inspirational today.

Are palaeoartists familiar with the work of Giovanni and share my admiration for his work?
I've been searching for about 7 years for the artist behind this work, and I'm much indebted to Matt Johnson of the AOI who unearthed his copy for me.

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