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Re: Archaeopteryx gliding

As an aside to my previous response to this post, a turbulent atmosphere
can be an asset to evolving flapping flight, and to an evolving
transition from flapping to gliding flight. And, as we all know, with
some constraints, a turbulent atmosphere is an asset for soaring flight
(I'm not advocating soaring in tornados, hurricanes, or even
thunderstorms).  Perhaps in some species other than flying squirrels,
flapping flight may have evolved first?  That sure seems to be easier
than transitioning from gliding to flapping flight.

G Martin Human wrote:
> All, from the little I have seen of flying squirrels, they do their
> stuff in forests where the air is _very_ still, maybe a general gentle
> updraft of warm air but essentially _calm_. Maybe this is true of all
> true gliders? I can't see gliding evoolving in a turbulent atmosphere.