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Re: Popularity of dinosaurs in the 1920s/30s? (King Kong question)

BRIEF REPLY: OBie had no intentions of making a
non-dinosaur film, and, with patience and incredible
artistic help, he and Harry Hoyt wrote two script
versions for the film CREATION. This was a far more
ambitious, and brilliant conjuration of OBie's
passionate love of dinosaurs than the 1933 film, which
is forever marred by the racialist, gendered,
colonialist ethos of the RKO directors. Having a
rather complete newspaper archive of the "hype" around
the 1933 film, one is struck that most of the stories
revolve not around the dinosaurs, but around the
impossibly bipedal primate and the beauty of Fay Wray,
who did not act in the film but shrieked (in contrast
to the female parts in CREATION where, at least,
polysyllabic English was the norm). During the 1920s
and 1930s, in both science fiction pulps and in other
fiction markets, dinosaurs were NOT used that often
(and, when they did appear, they were brainless
"props" for writers who could barely formulate ideas
with sentences).
--- Richard W Travsky <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Stephan Pickering wrote:
> > REPLY: I am unsure as to the meaning of "popular".
> In
> Ah, you know, popular. Like a movie star is popular.
> Like dinosaurs are
> popular now.
> I'm not after the total development of the movie,
> but trying to ascertain
> the public's interest in dinosaurs in the late 1920s
> early 1930s time
> frame and whether this was a factor in using
> dinosaurs in the movie. Would
> they have used something else? Or not used anything
> at all?
> > [...]

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