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RE: Alioramus

An Alio-update:

Please note: the next year or so should see revisions in essentially all
things tyrannosauroid.  Expect major osteological and taxonomic revisions of
nearly every currently named (and a soon-to-be named or two) tyrant.

Without spilling other peoples beans, I can at least say that for my part,
_Alioramus_ NOW comes out in my analyses as the sister group to
albertosaurines + tyrannosaurines OR as a tyrannosaurine closer to
_Tyrannosaurus_ and _Tarbosaurus_ than to all others.  Currie, Hurum and
Sabath have an alternative arrangement.

The ontogenetic status of _Alioramus_ is less certain than one might think;
additionally, several published anatomical descriptions of it are
less-than-accurate given new studies.

Or, in other words, wait for the papers... :-)

>   Holtz also included *Siamotyannus* in his matrix, and it came out basal
> to all other tyrannosaurs; no non-coelurosaurs were included in the
> matrix, which makes this matrix difficult to test the theory of a
> carnosaur relationship for *Siamotyrannus*.

Indeed.  However, my new studies (including, for example, my 2001 SVP
presentation) find _Siamo._ to be a basal carnosaur rather than a

> He also included
> *Shanshanosaurus*, but this taxon has been indicated to possess several
> juvenile features and is probably a juvenile specimen of *Tarbosaurus*
> (Dong and Currie, 2002).

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