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Re: Archaeopteryx, Othnielia & pachycephalosaurs

> >From: "Aspidel" <aspidel@wanadoo.be>
> >> Flank butting might have caused rib injuries IMHO. Is there evidence of
> >such
> >> rib injuries in the pachycephalosaurs skeletons?

Hmmm, I can't imagine there is much mileage in an adaptation which risks
possible _frequent_ (annual?) rib injury. Sure, we know occasional
injuries do happen to various head-butting/shoving species, but isn't it
likely that the reason that (reinforced) _heads_ have evolved is
precisely because hitting other body parts is too liable to break

cheers, m

> >
> >Skeletons, what skeletons? :-P
> >
> >More seriously, I don't know if there are really enough good
> >pachycephalosaur skeletons out there to test this. I've often pondered the
> >possibility of rib pathologies in pachys, myself. . .I think it's definitely
> >something to look for!
> There is reasonably complete postcranial material for _Homalocephale_ and 
> _Goyocephale_, but I don't know if there is any sign of rib pathologies.  I 
> would *think* that if there were, Goodwin might have discussed it in one of 
> his papers.  That is something to check when I find time.  Anybody out there 
> working on pachycephalosaurs with any information?
> Steve
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