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RE: AT LAST!! Wing Assisted Incline Running (long)

> From: James R. Cunningham [mailto:jrccea@bellsouth.net]
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> > Some of my own thoughts follow:
> > The initial form of the Ostrom version of the cursorial scenario of bird
> > flight was this: the hindlimbs of birds remains a perfectly good running
> > organ, rather than being incorporated into the flight mechanism
> (as in bats
> > and pterosaurs).
> I wouldn't bet that in all pterosaurs, the hindlimb is always
> incorporated into the main wing.  In some cases, I would bet that it
> isn't.  However, I would also bet that it is always part of "A" flight
> mechanism.
Agreed.  An important question would be what the ancestral condition in
Pterosauria was with regards to degree of incorporation of the hindlimbs in
the wing.

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