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Re: AT LAST!! Wing Assisted Incline Running (long)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> > However, I would also bet that it is always part of "A" flight
> > mechanism.
> >
> Agreed.  An important question would be what the ancestral condition in
> Pterosauria was with regards to degree of incorporation of the hindlimbs in
> the wing.

Also agreed.  Ain't my field though. I defer to others in that regard. 
My personal hunch (strictly personal, and strictly a hunch) is that the
ancestral condition was a close involvement of the wing and the
hindlimb.  However, in some of the later, larger pterosaurs a direct,
extensive hindlimb involvement would make yaw control extremely
difficult and launch problematic. For those, an essentially separate
hindlimb flight apparatus would also provide other substantial benefits
in addition to resolving the yaw command authority issue.