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Re: AT LAST!! Wing Assisted Incline Running (long)

REPLY (LAST FOR THE DAY): No, I was not rewriting Tom
Holtz in my hastily written note, but quoting part of
a sentence to focus attention on a specific phrase.
Tom Holtz is a brilliant systematicist, and I was
trying, again, to articulate why I believe that, in
other scientific exegeses, "natural selection" has
become a cliche, without well-thought formulations of
its parameters. And I apologize to Tom Holtz if what I
wrote was interpreted as personal; it was not. 
--- Morgan Churchill <mmcjawa@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  StephanPickering@cs.com wrote:
> "Good old-fashioned Darwinian selection" -- and I am
> not being 
> sarcastic toward Tom Holtz -- is a mantra, a
> coagulation of letters...the 
> intricate dynamics of genomic molecular paradigms,
> the interplay between 
> environmental stresses, immunological systems
> (disease resistance is a major 
> key to a new variation of parental stocks surviving
> beyond one generation) -- 
> all of these are at work, as it were, in selection
> processes. The word, then, 
> should be selections. 
> um....didn't you just chide HP Headen (apologies if
> I accidently spelled your name wrong) for editing
> your comments, when in fact this is basically what
> your doing here?
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