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RE: WAIR question

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Christian Darkin wrote:
> >This subject (WAIR) was already mentionned onlist in october(?) 2001,
> IIRC >without being "formally" named (DML naming, I mean). If WAIR is a
> fairly >good theory for the origins of wingstroke and then flight, it
> implies that >feathers came first (I can't imagine a small theropod
> flapping thin >feartherless arms to help it climb a tree, seems useless,
> IMHO, and a loss >of energy). 
> I don't know about you, but when I'm running up a steep incline, I tend
> to use my arms quite a lot - swinging them forward and back to use their
> weight and momentum to "pull" me up. If they were really light I might

Momentum and changes our center of gravity a bit to keep it forward of the
legs and guard against falling backwards.

> not bother, but then bringing an arm forward with each step lets me grab
> hold of anything I can use to help pull me forwards, so it's probably a
> beneficial way to move even if there's no aerodynamic quality to the
> motion. 
> Just a thought.