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Fwd: Re: Ty's Posture (was Popularity of dinosaurs in the 1920s/30s?)

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I have a few photographs...the primary one, given to me by Marcel 

Delgado before his death, has the back part of the tail cropped, 
but by 
taking a ruler one can see that the back was horizontal. Delgado 
told me it 
was a "roadrunner from hell", but that OBie was frustrated it 
kept falling 
over. Finally, he abandoned the idea, as when he positioned the 
Kong puppet 
on its back during filming of the test-reel, steel rods had to 
be used to 
hold the tyrannosaur puppet up. Delgado told me that OBie wanted 
to redo the 
test reel fight sequence (the only part of the test reel to survive, 

unchanged into the final print) with the repostured theropod, 
but RKO had 
already gutted the budget of the film, and there was no time.

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