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Re: Chukar Aeronautics

By the way, for word fans, 'aeronautics' is here used in its most general
sense of navigation through air, meant ironically because walking is not
usually included.
Thanks to those who gave me the reference to the videos.
The stroke, which sometimes ends with the wings held vertically, doesn't
seem completely congruent with a flight (or prey capturing) stroke.  It
appears to be more about traction than speed.  If a predator were larger and
faster than a bird using this stroke and was capable of leaping, I'm not
sure this would be a successful manner of escaping.
If anyone can better interpret what I'm seeing or if they can imagine a
scenario in which this capability would be the preferred method of escaping
pursuit, I'd appreciate hearing.  The capability appears to be useful as a
less strenuous method of reaching a high lowest branch in a tree or getting
over a smooth obstacle.