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Re: a great little "narrow wing" pterosaur specimen

Jaime Headden wrote:


David Peters (davidrpeters@earthlink.net) wrote:


  I'd hate to say this, but this specimen is poorly preserved
and one cannot determine where the trailing edge of the wing goes
of the elbow. Folding of the wing appears to reduce the chord as well. I

do not think it is actually possible to see a deep or shallow-chord wing

in this specimen.


Jaime A. Headden

Is the power of the ancient paradigm so strong?


I can see by your answer that you found the trailing edge to the wing
membrane millimeters from the elbow. If the chord were deep and the
membrane attatched to the knee, tibia, ankle or lateral digit, you would
see the trailing edge curving toward any of those anatomical points.

Yes, folding of the wing reduces the chord nearly to the point of
invisibility  -- if the membrane is stretched between elbow and wing
tip--  as shown here and on other fossils. Take a look at WWD and you'll
see how impossible it is to make the wing chord disappear when the
membrane is falsely attached to the lower hind leg.

Funny that you say the specimen is poorly preserved skeletally --
because the skeleton is obscured by so much skin! Otherwise you can see
things I have never seen on other pterosaur specimens including
unossified, yet still defined epiphyses on the long bones. I'm sure more
details will appear during a thorough examination.

David Peters
St. Louis