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Re: "Inside the Hidden Kingdom" - the Royal Ontario Museum

I totally agree. Gone are the days of L.S.
Russell...and Hans-Dieter Sues has left...what is
troubling is that the ROM has some spectacular
dinosaurs specimens in need of salvation (the displays
are in real danger of disintegrating, as the article
notes)...and nothing is being done. Of course, since
1990, museums, and their purposes, have been in a
state of flux, as scholars have been cognizant that,
in North America, museums have been repositories of,
and often justifications, for colonial expansion (the
dioramas at the AMNH are telling examples of primates
slaughtered for display "entertainment"). Children
(even those who are over 50 like me) walking into a
museum often want "interactive" dinosaurs...what they
really want, to be sure, are living, breathing
Mesozoic dinosaurs. And many are profoundly
disappointed with not being able to see, say, a
Triceratops walking down a hallway. It is the task of
the curators to ensure the "interactive" displays link
the mind and the imagination. Alas, ROM has failed
miserably. Even Dinosaur National Monument could have
captured some of the energy: with paleontologists
doing actual excavations from the matrix, visitors
could have seen emerging animals. Instead, like other
governmental "tourist attractions", there is silencing
boredom.  With civilisations once again beating on the
tribal war drums, science and imagination are on the
verge of once again being strangled.
--- MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
> This article is a really sad commentary on a once
> great museum:
> Mary

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