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Re: Archie skull pneumatics?

Jaime wrote-
There is no real elongated prenarial premaxilla in either
oviraptorosaurs or *Erlikosaurus*; in nearly all taxa, the external naris progresses to the rostral end of the premaxilla
and is even closer to the edge than it is in *Velociraptor*.

Are you sure? I probably should have checked the figures before seconding someone's comment. Out of curiousity, could one argue that the ventral margin length of the premaxilla might be elongated relative the ventral margin length of the maxilla? Sounds like it's time for me to get the ruler and the calculator out...

< ... I was under the impression that *A.* did not have an incomplete postorbital bar. I know that *Shuvuuia* does not
(Suzuki et al. 2002) ... >

Oops, I just caught this mistake I made. I meant to say, "I know that *Shuvuuia* does have an incomplete postorbital bar". I'm surprised no one else noticed that error.

They are absent in some tyrannosaur teeth,

Adult tyrannosaurid teeth? AFAIK, they were not present only in the teeth of juveniles...


Orgh, forgot to even check in *I.* because I hadn't even remembered that it existed! :(

*Epidendrosaurus* (not known in *Scansoriopteryx*)

My claim was based off *E.*. I had thought they were synonymized.

All "dromaeosauroids" have serrations, as does


*Caudipteryx* does not have a basal constriction, and
*Protarchaeopteryx* has them in the premaxillary teeth anyway. They also exist in *Pelecanimimus*, *Sinosauropteryx*, *Compsognathus*, *Eoraptor*, etc..

Is it indeed present in segnosaurs and troodontids? I've never really been sure, it looks like it, but I wasn't sure.

Actually, *Caudipteryx* has 24.

Are you sure, as Ji et al. 1998 describe it as having 22 caudal vertebrae.

Nick Gardner

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